Your condominium, our priority.

The Salanque Méditerranée Immobilier agency offers you management of your co-ownership that is totally transparent, humane and in line with the regulations in force.

Our commitments:

A dedicated contact, Mr GRAU, who can be reached quickly and easily on his mobile phone.
Economical and responsible management to protect you against increases in charges.
A real collaboration between the trustee, the union council and the co-owners, in order to guarantee you clear communication as well as the possibility of consulting all the administrative information on our online extranet.

Why join us?

Availability and responsiveness are the strengths of Salanque Méditerranée Immobilier.
In order to benefit from real local, independent and transparent management.
Take advantage of our expertise and our solutions to control your costs.

How to reach us?

First step: the union council or a co-owner must contact SALANQUE MEDITERRANEE IMMOBILIER (SMI) in order to establish a contract proposal together, then you must send it to the trustee in place.
Second step: On the day of the general meeting, the co-owners hear our proposal and vote by majority on the S.M.I contract
Step Three: S.M.I takes care of the cash flow and can start managing your condominium.